IMG_1964.JPGThere are many decisions parents must make and a lot of them will ultimately effect their entire lives. No pressure, right? One such dilemma is that of Santa Claus. More specifically, whether to tell your kids Santa isn’t real or not. To me, I personally think there is nothing wrong with letting my son believe in Santa Claus. Why not? It lets him believe in magic and use his imagination. Let the kid be a kid right? Even experts say it’s ok.

I’ve heard the argument that it is a heart breaking moment to realize Santa isn’t real and your parents have been lying to you your entire life. Not so, at least for me. I remember when I found out, it was a slip of the tongue from an aunt when I was about 7.  I didn’t feel like I had been betrayed by my parents. I felt ashamed that I still believed when apparently I was supposed to be old enough to know better, but not betrayed. Would I trade those years of waking up my parents at 5 am on Christmas morning to bound into the living room and see when Santa left under the tree? Not for anything.


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