The mom: sleep

IMG_1682.JPGThere are challenges to being a mother that I never knew existed. I can honestly say being a mom, thus far, has been the most challenging experience of my life. One of those changes is sleep deprivation.
My son is 4 years old. In those four years I can probably count on two hands the number of nights I have been able to sleep without interruption. The cause was the obvious when he was a baby and when he was an toddler. Now though, when I thought I would be coming to the end of my sleep deprivation, I am getting up for nightmares, potty runs, asthmatic colds, and so on. Also, my kid doesn’t sleep in, ever. He doesn’t like sleeping. He simply wakes up and decided he is finished with sleeping and he is ready to get up, even if he is so sleepy he is falling asleep sitting up. And nothing, I mean NOTHING will convince him otherwise for more than an extra 10 minutes.



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