The mom: scary

IMG_1573.JPGMy son is at an age when, apparently, it is completely normal to be afraid of everything. The dark, thunder, the bathroom, shots, bugs outside, strange soup, etc.
I try my hardest to be understanding. Though I cannot relate I try to assure him that there is nothing to be afraid of, trying new things isn’t scary but fun, nothing is in the bathroom that wasn’t there the last time you were in there.
The poor kid has nightmares at least once a week, though sometimes he gets a reprieve of a week or so without one. He wakes up and is crying uncontrollably, which in turn makes him nauseous from the excessive snot. Then when he finally calms down he refuses to go back to sleep. He either decides it’s time to get up or he screams all over every time he doses off, afraid he might have another nightmare. He won’t reason with me, he will not be convinced that his fears are of his own imagination and not what is real. I don’t know what to do to help him other than repeat that he’s ok and hug him. He had to calm himself down because he doesn’t listen to anyone else to help him.
Oh to be a preschooler and be afraid of everything. I’m sure it is common and just a phase.


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