Viacom and Suddenlink

It has now been around a week or more since Suddenlink dropped Viacom channels in the name of a lower cable bill. Lower for who? Certainly not the Suddenlink customers. Suddenlink said on it’s special website designed to ease the mind of its customers that the company consulted its customers in the decision. Apparently they found that viewers no longer watched the Viacom channels it had dropped; Nickelodeon, Spike, VH1, and MTV are just a few of the effected channels. Some of the replacement channels are Pivot, Sprout, Up, and The Blaze. I’ve never heard of any of them and don’t watch them; they all have very low quality content. Suddenlink also claims that the new channels were highly requested.

On social media however, there is a different story painted by the customers and their outcry at loosing these channels. I wonder how Suddenlink went about polling/interviewing/gathering info from their customers. Did they get an honest set of data and let the customers know they were being asked questions and what was going on? Did they ask, “Do what are the top 5 channels you watch?” or did they ask “If given the choice between Sprout and Nickelodeon, which would you choose?” Maybe Suddenlink gathered information they thought relevant to their case from third parties.

Either way, I really miss the channels that I lost. My son misses Nickelodeon, his favorite show of all time is Spongebob. I would cancel my service but the only other internet options in my area are DSL and we can’t pick up basic network channels at all with an antenna. It is either Suddenlink or nothing. It’s all frustrating and yet I’m still giving them my money because I lack a different option.


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