Don’t Discriminate, Don’t Seperate

IMG_1561.JPGIt seems like everything has turned into a conflict between “us” and “them” these days. Women and men,  black and white, republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives, Christians and atheists, gay and straight, the 1% and the %99, the list goes on. Everyone has their opinions, beliefs, and world view, I get that. Americans love their freedom, love their constitutional rights, and their human rights. Nobody infringes on their rights because they are theirs and they deserve them. When are we going to realize that not everybody can have it their way? This is America, not Burger King. You need to respect other’s and their rights to the freedom that you so cherish for yourself. Because if they are your neighbor, co-worker, or the next person in line, they are American citizens too and have the same rights as you do.


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