Pre-k Food

IMG_1681.JPGHave you ever looked at what your kids eat at school? It may not be as healthy as you think. In the days of Michelle Obama ruling the school cafeteria public schools are being forced to provide lunches that are under a certain calorie level. Admittedly the system currently in place is flawed (less of the same food is not healthier, it should be more of the healthier choices and the kids are not eating it) but the intentions are understandable.
Our First Lady has the elementary, middle, intermediate, and high schools covered, but what about preschools? Some are privately owned and funded, but some are state and federally funded. Shouldn’t they be held to the same standard?
Luckily I give my son fruit, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and other good things before I take him to pre-k, I’m sure some kids don’t get that. Today I asked my son what he had for breakfast. He told me he had pop tarts. What!?! Why is a federally funded school giving my kid pop tarts for breakfast? Isn’t that a last resort for parents who are so busy in the morning that curing fruit or cooking is not a possibility? They have a kitchen. If it is the cost, why not give the kids a banana. Bananas are cheaper than pop tarts. Or a figure, still cheaper. Yes, kids may be allergic but I’ve known kids who are allergic to red dye which is in just about all processed foods. That isn’t an excuse.



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