Politically correct

IMG_1596.JPGWhen society seems to be split between left wing and right wing, one of the problems seems to be politically correctness. There are times when it isn’t ok to be political correct. For instance, when making laws, judging a criminal, or when report in the news. It is never ok to alter these things from what is true or right just so nobody is offended.
When I look at these kinds of situations, or anything for that matter, I look at it with no thought of race or social status. I look at facts. For example: If a person commits a crime it doesn’t matter their sexual orientation, economic status, race, gender, etc. A crime is a crime. Period. If it offends people, so be it. Blame the criminal, not the law. There are also times when people throw things way out of proportion and make problems when there isn’t any. Everything can be brought to extremes.
However, there is a time when politically correctness is necessary and, in my opinion, morally right. I find myself asking if it is politically correct or respectful to choose the words and actions you partake in with others in mind.
I was raised to be respectful of others and follow the golden rule. I don’t use derogatory comments or racial slurs. When someone is in my home I try to be considerate of their beliefs and ideals. I call that polite, others call that politically correct. I hear others complain about being reprimanded for using a derogatory phrase or word and not understanding why it is bad. It’s bad because using that kind of language is choosing to be the bully.
So is it respect and kindness of others or being politically correct? Would you rather be the person everyone has to put up with or the person putting up with the other. Doing what is right isn’t always easy. Sometimes being the good person means having no to conscious choose to, but to me, it is worth it.



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