No more McDonald’s

IMG_1612.JPGDo you take your kids to McDonald’s? My husband and I have made the decision to stop taking our son to McDonald’s, and here’s why.
As of about a month and a half ago we were going to eat at McD’s about once or twice a week. I started on a weight loss and fitness journey at about that time and my husband followed soon. Part of this journey is changing my daily choices for the better. This includes not eating fried foods, especially fried fast food.
One of the main places I stopped eating was McDonald’s. The main reason, other that the calorie count in every single thing on the menu, is reading about artificial trans fats in my biology book. Even the amount of trans fats consumed with a single serving of French fries is enough to have a measurable effect on the body. The daily intake recommendation for trans fats is 2g per day. Companies are allowed to label a product 0g trans fats if it contains less than 0.5g, so look for the word hydrogenated in the ingredient list.
One day while going to pick up my son from school I was thinking out loud and said, “You know, if I am choosing to not eat at McDonald’s because of the horrible health effects, why am I letting my kid eat it?” Once I thought about it I started to feel kind of guilty. So, I sat my 4 year old son down and told him that fried foods can buildup in your blood stream and that makes it hard for your body to get your blood where it needs to go. I told him that eating that kind of food sometimes is ok, but not all the time. He understood, to my surprise, and hasn’t asked for it once. If we go to a drive through he asks for Chick Fil-a grilled nuggets and a fruit cup. It’s been over a month now. I don’t miss it.



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