Campuses need to update

IMG_1616.JPGOne of the best times for me to do school work is during those times when I am stuck on campus waiting for a class. This way I don’t get bored and I have thatch more finished. I pay a technology fee to have to right to use the technology on my university’s campus.
Some of my online course work needs updated Windows software or Respondus Lockdown Brower, both of which are completely free. I’ve taken enough online classes to know that these two things are needed for just about all online courses. If a class doesn’t use one, it will most certainly use the other.
Why are school campuses not required to keep up with the software and updates, again that are free, just like the students are who take the college’s online classes? There is no excuse for not completing coursework, this includes computer problems. The school library is the main source for computer use on the whole campus. What about the campus residents? They should be able to rely on the campus technology.
There is no excuse for a college campus to not provide the updated software for its students.



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