Time Management

IMG_1597.JPGNormally I am decent at managing my time. I tend to micromanage actually. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my feet like Wiley Coyote but I always seem to get everything done on time. Going back to school was a decision I made for myself and for my family. Adding that responsibility to those I already have as a stay at home mom has been daunting at times to say the least. My plate is full more times than not and when there is too much something always seems to suffer.

This semester in particular I seem to be having a hard time getting my course work done on time while also taking care of my home and family. I’ve recently started working on improving my health and body as well, so that adds more to my to-do list also. Right now I am juggling 15 hours of college, a 4 year old, a house and everything that implies, a husband, exercising, and a few other projects that I need to finish. Some days I have to decide whether to sleep, eat, or be productive. I find that I have been walking around like a zombie a lot.

I’m not sure how to solve these time management issues, nor am I sure that the problem is time management. My problem may be that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day. Also, I need to learn to just stop sometimes and tell myself to rest and that everything will wait until tomorrow. Something I am trying to work on is some kind of visual aid to put up in my room so I can easily see what needs to be done and what is due soon. I’ve tried apps on my phone for planning and scheduling but they don’t seem to help because I forget to open the app. I really need to get balanced right now.



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