Save Money?

I want to save money for my future, I really do. The problem isn’t my spending habits. It’s not really possible to spend money when you don’t have any. I don’t know what to say the problem is: the economy, rising gas and food prices, low wages, all of the above. Hell, I should just blame Obama. That’s what everyone else does.
I know that when I was a kid my dad had a government job that he had to go to college to get. He was able to support me, my sister, and my mom on just his income. When my dad was a kid my Granny stayed home and my Papa worked. He had a few different jobs that were all blue collar and didn’t require a college degree. He was able to support his wife and 5 kids.
I am currently in college and I do not work. I haven’t worked since my son was born in 2010. We make it on my husband’s salary alone, but it has been hard at times. He has had a few different jobs over the past 4 years, each has been a step up from the last along with and increase in salary. However, we are just barely making it. Any time we put money back and think we might get ahead something happens and we have to spend it to fix the car or repair a leak or pay off some surprise bill. It just isn’t possible to support a family on one salary these days. We only have one kid and we barely make it sometimes.
A few older people who grew up in another world it seems just don’t seem to understand the struggle it is in today’s world to make it as a young person trying to make something of myself. Without a college degree it isn’t really possible to support a family. And then people debate whether college is worth the money anymore. And McDonald’s workers are protesting for a minimum wage of $30k a year. I am going to college right now for a four year degree just to hope to make $30k a year. My how times have changed.


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