A time for war

IMG_1546.JPGEveryone is concerned with this new war/not war against the terrorist group ISIS. Nobody likes war, we need to avoid war. War is ugly, it is costly, it is scary, and it is too real for most people.

The President seems to finally be making a movement against the current threat against our country, but is it enough? Congress is trying to hold him back because the Democrats are worried about the negative effects on their future poll results. They don’t want to look bad.  The citizens of our great nation are “war-weary” and don’t our American soldiers sent away from their families to fight.

I understand why the American public would think this way, we don’t anybody to be hurt, especially our own. Congress, I think is wrong and need to be slapped and told that America’s safety is more important that their pay check.

However, there is a time for peace and there is a time for war. If a terrorist group calls America out and threatens our country, we have to go take care of that. If we don’t, we will become a bigger target because the world will see how much of a push over we are. Instead of just saying we shouldn’t send our troops over, go find a Marine, member of the U.S. Army, or any other military soldier, official, or personnel, and ask them what they think. Ask them if they think we should send them over to take care of the threat that is calling their country down. I can almost promise that the majority of them are pleading to go take care of business, because that is what they live for, their country. They signed up to join the military because they love their country and want to fight for it. Any opposing threat that calls their country out is a personal insult to any soldier of the U.S. ISIS calling out America while executing our people and posting it on social media is a slap in America’s face. Just ask one of the soldiers that would be going, see what they think. Then form your opinion. How far would you go to defend your family?

And really, are we not at war already? What is the line that is to be crossed to call our actions war instead of a campaign?



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