Militarized Police

IMG_1524.JPGWith the idea of the threat of ISIS looming over the head of America, we find ourselves in a situation in which American citizens don’t trust or like their police officers. I overheard a couple of classmates talking today about ISIS threatening the Mexican boarder and possibly crossing into the US through Texas. Just a week before I heard these same boys talk about the absurdity of the military equipment police officers used in Ferguson, Missouri. I have heard others talk about the same two topics on different occasions and I have one question for these people. If ISIS does manage to cross our boarders and infiltrate our country (not that some of its members are already here) who do you think will be the first to come into combat with them? If they are on our streets, who protects our streets? You guessed it! Police officers!

The reason American law enforcement has steadily became more militarized is in direct response to the criminals’weaponry. In 1997 two armed robbers had a shoot out with the Hollywood, CA police department. The police officers were used to dealing with the normal everyday criminals with p.o.s. guns. However, that day they faced two men with military grade weapons and body armor. The police officers had the standard issue .9 mm handguns. As you can guess, this wasn’t much of a fair fight. It went on for about 45 minutes and was broadcast live on national television. This event was an eye opener for law enforcement across the country and prompted an increase in upgrading equipment.

The days of the criminals toting cheap Saturday night specials are over. It is more common these days for a “bad guy” to have automatic assault riffles and semi auto hand guns with bullet proof vests. If we expect our police officers to do their jobs and protect us, shouldn’t they be equipped to deal with this kind of threat? Think about it. They aren’t super heroes. Just people that want to get home to their families.

And in the mean time, there is a  an insightful and true broadcast Paul Harvey recording that I feel most everyone should listen to.



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