Be Nice

IMG_1527.JPGWhy do parents call their kids mean names? One thing that I strive for as a parent is to keep my patience and temper in check when dealing with my kid. Trust me, it gets rather trying sometimes. Like when he has a melt down at a restaurant because he doesn’t want to be able to see two TVs at once (just don’t look at one of them or don’t watch either), or when I try to show him how to tie his shoe but he wants to do it himself even though he keeps doing it wrong (it was only the second time for him to wear his new lace up shoes). Sometimes I have to take a deep breath, call my husband in to take over for me, and walk away to another room or outside so I can calm down. The word frustration comes to mind. There are even days when my kid will do the exact opposite of what I tell him all day. “Don’t get in the cat’s face because she will scratch you'” (109th time he’s been told) and he does it anyway and gets scratched. “Don’t jump off the back of the sofa! You’re going to hurt yourself!” and he jumps and hurts his knee. “Don’t run in the house!” and he runs anyway (in socks on a hard wood floor) and falls and bangs his head on the floor. The list can go on.

In all the times that I have gotten frustrated with my kid, I have not once called him any kind of derogatory name. I have said along the lines of, “You are acting like a baby, you are a big boy and you know what you should do,” and I feel bad about saying that, but I have heard some parents call their kids some pretty bad names. I feel sorry for those kids too. I was in a store the other day and this woman (I’m not sure if she was the mother or aunt or what) kept calling this little girl around 2 year old “little brat”. She wasn’t saying it in an endearing way, but in a way that was like “You have annoyed me all day.” Also, I’ve heard parents call their kids “little shit” or “little f-ker” and I can’t help but feel sorry for those poor kids. How awful to grow up being called names by the kids at school (kids a mean guys) and then going home only to be called names by the parents who are supposed to love and comfort you. Don’t these parents realize that if they keep calling there kids by these nasty names that they are going to grow up thinking that is what they are so they might as well act like it. If a child is always called a brat she is eventually going to embrace is and start being a brat.

So parents, don’t call your kids names. Love them, comfort them, tell them they are amazing and wonderful and capable of anything they want to accomplish. Trust me, they will get enough away from home to deal with, home should be a safe place for them. Parents shouldn’t be bullies.



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