Its ok to lose weight

While I completely agree that everyone should learn how to love their bodies and embrace their inner beauty, I think it is important to try to be healthy. I have heard women argue against attempts to lose weight saying that it is only another way to try to conform to societal agendas. This isn’t really the case most of the time in my opinion. It is important to love yourselves inside and out, but you should also strive to be the best you. This includes not being over weight and taking steps to make your body healthy.  If someone is over weight they should certainly not hate themselves, but they should take steps to become healthier.There are health risks associated with being over weight and they should not be over looked in the spirit of embracing yourself. Wanting to get healthy is not a “fad”, wanting to have a thigh gap is. There is a difference. I am currently working with my doctor to reach a healthier weight. I have also quit smoking. These are both good and healthy things and should be a goal for everyone. Healthy is happy.



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