Healthy eating

I am currently working on changing my lifestyle to become a healthier person and it is going pretty well. One of the things I am working on is changing my eating habits. In my house we eat home cooked meals most nights. I never ate out at a kid and grew up with home grown food cook and served at the family dinner table.  Eating less junk and more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats is pretty much a given, but there are so many more things to consider. Do you need to buy organic? What about locally grown? That is the best choice, but if I buy that pound of tomatoes at the store for $2 vs. the pound at the farmer’s market for $5, that is a hard choice. Right now we have to watch our every penny so it is hard to spend more on the best versions of the healthy food we need. Then there is the time when pay day is just a few days away but you are broke and just have things to eat at home that aren’t the healthiest. I tend to turn to things such as that random package of ramen noodles in the back of my cabinet (I save the last bit of good stuff from my 4 year old). Why does it have to be so hard to eat healthy? It’s hard enough to turn away the junk when it tastes so good.



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