On a lighter topic, let us talk about cats. I am a cat person. I like dogs, really I do. I just prefer cats, and here is why: they can think for themselves, they have some independence, and they are cute. If you are not a mom, not married, or never really thought about what it would be like to be your mother, please know that any animal that comes into a home will most likely be cared for mainly by the mom in the house.

Last year my husband and I bought a puppy for my son, unfortunately the dog had kennel cough and made my son sick so we had to give it back to the people we bought it from (Little man was suffering from constant croup and ear infections so we couldn’t chance it). In the time that we had this puppy he pooped in his kennel about three times a day which means that I had to take the kennel outside and wash it, change the bedding, and bathe the dog. The times this happened were mainly when we woke up in the morning (5am) and when we got home from school (2pm), also any time we went to town. Do you know how  time consuming it is to do all of that while trying to get yourself and your son ready to go to school? Ugh…plus taking the puppy outside every hour in the attempts to potty train him in the cold. Thought it probably makes me an evil person, I’m glad we had to get rid of the dog…I couldn’t take that much longer.

A couple months ago my Dad found a kitten living under his car port. We had zero intentions of bringing this cat home, mainly because my husband despises cats. One day while my husband was at work, my son and I went over to my Dad’s house to help with some yard work. Little man started playing with this kitten and then sat on the ground while it laid on his lap for a while. Needless to say, they bonded. When we got home he begged my husband to let us keep the cat, to which hubby eventually gave in (he is a sucker, let me tell ya) and so we went and picked up the cat and it is been living with us since, inside the house. This kitten has the best temperament I’ve ever seen in a feline. She has not once gotten angry with anyone, and my son is only 4 so he is sometimes not so gentle and is having to learn to be easy with her.

To care for her I simply feed her, love on her, and clean her litter box about every other day (which is when I take out the trash anyway). I don’t mind cleaning a littler box. I’ve had to pick up dog poop with a plastic bag over my hand and I’ve changed an ungodly amount of poopy diapers, so a litter box is no thing. Easy! We don’t have to put her in a kennel to keep her from pooping and peeing all over the house and we don’t have to keep the doors to our rooms closed so her whining doesn’t wake us up. So simple. And, as I said earlier, I take care of her because I am the mom of the house and that is just how things go, so she is mainly mine. Love her! Plus, she snuggles with me.


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