Where is your kid?

DSCN1030I don’t claim to be a perfect parent, I know I make mistakes each day. I may even be permanently dooming him to a future in therapy. However, I do pay attention to him and I try to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. When taking him to parks or birthday parties there always seems to be parents that just let their kids run a muck and not pay them any attention.
One of my biggest pet peeves is having to watch some stranger’s kids because they are being dangerous or trying to hit or harm other kids. It seems like moms and dads can’t get their faces away from their phones or they just sit on a bench and talk to someone unable to spare a glance in their kid’s direction.
The reason for my rant is that I just got back from taking my son to a school-mate’s birthday party and there was a little boy there that was a little too rowdy. My son was pushing this plastic swing thing back and forth and this little boy (on purpose) laid on the ground below them and didn’t notice the swing. Well, when he sat up he got hit in the head with the swing my son was playing with. I saw it coming and tried to stop my son but the swing was already in motion. The little boy cried and my son said sorry but this little boy looked at my son with livid anger and loathing, and these kids are only 3-5 years old. He immediately stood up and laid angry hands on my son to shove him hard into a bar that was behind his head. I startled and interrupted him by yelling “Hey! We don’t push!” He didn’t seem to realize anyone was watching. When I raised my voice I got the attention of everyone in the building. The kid’s mom was in an entirely different room! I think somebody got her and she came over and asked what happened (she had already been retrieved a few times by myself because her son hurt himself) and when I told her she asked if he tried to hit him back. I told her he had and the little boy was put in time out.
Now, I know kids will be kids and what not, but it is our job as parents to make sure our children are safe and to make sure they know right from wrong. Why can’t parents watch their own kids? Especially in a place where its easy for a child to get hurt such as a play ground or jump place. Where’s your kid at lady?!


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